Love. Hate.

by Accident Prone

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released May 14, 2016

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Andreas Magnusson in January 2016.
Artwork by Brandon Gallagher.



all rights reserved


Accident Prone Norfolk, Virginia

Accident Prone is:

James D : Guitar
David : Vocals
James B : Bass
Chris : Drums

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Track Name: Renaissance Lost
Next comet I see I'll pray a death wish
At heaven's gate I'll confess regret
Not even for birthed misfortunes
But for these lost and broken hearts
Next comet I see I'll pray a death wish

Suffer, prosper, strive to be free
From this vacant insubstantial dream
Walk right through the flames
Towards an ocean of misery
And drown out every voice that says

Renaissance lost
Renaissance lost,
When your dead walk
Your renaissance lost

If we could ever hope
For us to ever crawl
Our way into heaven
First we're going to have to dance
Our way through hell

So let's dance to the beat of hellfire
What's left to brace this cold comatose
Of painful memories
I'll keep spitting on these graves until they
Fade away.
Track Name: Dead By Dawn
Every night seems to feel the same
Nothing left but to play their games
Another day, another dollar
Another night I'm left sipping sour

Goddamn, I feel the pain slip right through my hands
Goddamn, just fucking kill me I'll be dead by dawn

Goddamn I must have been so gone
I can't stand to see the sun
But you're here and you've got me all night
Ice in your eyes that cut my lust like

Goddamn, I feel the pain slip right through my hands
Goddamn, just fucking kill me I'll be dead by dawn

I can do anything
I can't do anything
I can't feel anything
Wasted. Jaded. Loved. Hated.
Smart. Stupid. Wide-eyed. Lucid.

Don't stop to think
Just come get wasted
Dead by dawn
Track Name: Freak Fatale
Love is a minefield, best watch your step
Before you fall into your next regret
You lunged your heart at me like an IED
I'm so naive expecting minimum casualties
This war is worse, you're a trojan horse
Loving you was slavery but now I'm finally free

I tried oh so hard to trust you
I tried so hard to get this go
But you kept clinging, dragging this mangled body
Love hate decapitate me
Oh babe you'd love to watch me bleed

We could have left this at broken hearts
But you had to go and push it to far

You've topped my list of all time worst mistakes
Forgive to live but never forget
Track Name: Teaching A Dumb Dog New Tricks
You really haven't figured it out
We're all waiting for you to die out
Amongst evolution you chose extinction
Love is love yet you choose fear of what you don't understand
Fuck you
We'll hunt you down we'll search you out
We will find you your hollow mind can't hide
From this condition of humanity
Time will put you in your place
Shallow mind buried in a shallow grave

You chose to be afraid
And you chose to think this way
No escape from the flames of change
Here's one choice you're not going to make

Die out
We'll leave you to your god
Die out
Nailed upon your burning cross
Track Name: Placebo
This isn't real what in god's name is it going to take
To keep you from following me
Placebo coursing through my veins
I don't think that you feel a thing
Hell no, what do you know/love
Not you, not you, another broken promise so easy to see through
You're all the same
The gilded spoon you use to swallow the truth
Your words shatter like broken glass, transparent, jagged
Your plate is full when it's time to fast
And then you'll ask for seconds
There's no excuse for all the things you spew

Truth and honesty sure would taste better
Than your genetically engineered disease

This conversation cannot last, listen up
This is the end never again
I'm not even listening anymore
This is the end I just can't pretend
Never again