Give Us the Bad News First

by Accident Prone

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"Accident Prone" official music video


released May 21, 2014

Recording Credits:

James Detterman: Guitars, Drums
Dave Kitawa: Vocals
Mark Gilchrist: Bass

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Tim Gault

Additional Vocals by James Brown



all rights reserved


Accident Prone Norfolk, Virginia

Accident Prone is:

James D : Guitar
David : Vocals
James B : Bass
Chris : Drums

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Track Name: Self Taught Misery
come one come all bear witness to the social spectacle
you came for explosions and shiny words reflect them off each other
remind yourself who you are
identity crisis

dodging bullets in my brain
self-taught misery and everything in-between

I just can't bring myself to hear this how can you bring yourself to sleep at night bold faced lies you just make it look so goddamn easy

serenity you're so far away from me

face-to-face with the worst of the worst
its safe to say we'd all prefer you just gave us the bad news first
self-taught misery and everything in between

dull the double edged blade of my mind

fuck off i'm wise to the nature of your schemes
is this really all you want to be just another fucking fiend for attention
Track Name: Death Rattle
write me off this whole fucking game is sick
you all know the devil he's a mutual friend
and he's got what you need to meet your ends

'cause when the price of life is so low don't seem no thing to sell your soul
that's just the way it is and that's everything that we've ever known
they'll put your mind to the grind and they'll work your fingers to the bone
do you really believe that do you think that they're on your side
when you know it's our blind minds that allow their kind to continue to thrive
they've got no value for life
it's time, open up your eyes and realize we've been left behind

and nobody fucking cares when everyday brings a new way to waste our time

"reality" TV "in touch" magazines you've got to be fucking kidding me
distribute dissolution on every page
you're so goddamn desperate just to relate
hypnotized by the mainstream
please tell me more about all your bling
they've got you subdued you're living in a dream
oh what i'd do to give you a fucking taste of reality

heart-felt rebel don't let them sound your death rattle

the futures not what it seems watch as ignorance reigns and dividing lines define everything and i've done some thinking to myself and I realize that life is compromise 'cause you got to play the game to beat it.
Track Name: A Million Miles
waking up memories of dreams last thought
i'm fucked in my head had one where I woke up dead
i'd like to get up and hit the street
if I could only get on my own two feet
in a world of distorted war
the changing seasons all that decides when you're on your knees
well they can't relate to our empty hate
to this cold peace

if the bullets started flying here what would you do
if they did what they were doing there whats left to choose

live short in suffering

rich man's boredom poor man's pain
here we lie somewhere right here in between

what's the difference between a human being and human meat
we pretend to define as if we didn't have our lives to occupy our time
take out the pawns but only count the kings
they've got your lips in stitches and you don't mind the sting
keep that needle in your eye and tell me you're fine

tune out
tell yourself
its gonna be alright
Track Name: Lampshade
so lets cut this off 'cause you and me are just a little off
maybe one and one makes two
but honey I just can't see anything in you
when all you are is a blank slate
wiped clean from all the things they say
world of disguise you internalize
yea you sold off yourself another girl on the shelf

ain't it just a goddamn shame
they'll think I'm only saying this to get laid

can't stand the things you say
can't stand to live like this day-to-day
another reprisal another memory
a bad place that you've been forced to stay
look at me with those empty eyes
none of this is any kind of surprise
a sullen ghost with no home
haunting amongst so many lost souls

all with no emotion lost and broken soul
it takes one to create one don't lack fear
for what you haven't seen
the worst is yet to come

every time we fake this love
will we ever know when it's real

could you lift the weight of my soul
could you be the one to make me feel whole
oh baby please don't tell me that there is a toll

beauty in the eye and nothing but the eye
the beholders blind to whats inside
like moths to a light its dulled our sight
white noise in the night
I want to know are you drawn to the light or to the lie

so they say there's more fish in the sea
so tell me who poisoned this well
Track Name: Accident Prone
i'm moving out west this is just a test
so over and over disorder is getting old

the only lesson learned is learned the hard way
if you could would you choose to fight with or against fate

noone else but You
it's just you really Can't
you will never Change who you are
it's all in how you Take it
when nothing but The
acceptance of the Truth
in knowing you are nothing but chance

yea I'm accident prone
Track Name: McLove
I like your figures I call your number
lets make a date in time for summer
she said nah lets chill at your place
kick back and relax pop in a movie
but we both know what that means

now i'm in McLove baby your love is so cheap
now I'm in McLove
just name your price and I promise I'll pretend to be nice

another night she calls me up repeat the cycle again
I guess we know that we should
guess something must have been good
I can hold you when you're sick
we can throw on romance flicks
just stick to the script 'till we snap out of it
done the dirty now we're out of the mood
whats it tonight should we cook something up
or should we order out some food
money's tight but it's alright i'll get the pizza pie
but you can't keep your purse zipped 'cause you can get the tip

now i'm in McLove I got your love and disease
now i'm in McLove
just name your price and I promise I'll pretend to be nice

did you miss me can't stand not to have me by your side
the only thing that molds is the fear of lonely nights
you've got me wrapped around your sleeve
flesh body accessory
learn to love the taste of sweet insincerity
verse chorus verse this is a curse
it's time to go to church
no matter where that we've been
our god will cleanse our sins

now i'm in McLove baby your love is so cheap
now i'm in McLove
don't fucking cry your loves a pathological lie now

now we got little johnny
we love the kid but he don't know that time is money
but thats okay because he'll cope with his McLove
just the way our television taught us
now we're in McLove we've got the loving disease
now we're in McLove a billion served
you wouldn't dare be left out of the herd

repeat after me
repeat after me
buy in and believe
that true love isn't free.
Track Name: Alls Fair
besieged by the beast of the age
a climate of deception pouring acid rain
watch as the generation's greed/breed
in tune to the trending disease
the scales of your ego swing back and forth sawing at your core
anything that you could ever gain
would only make you want more

alls fair that ends fair
Track Name: New Maps
why would you question questions
or the lack thereof
so dull so satisfied with your life
I cannot breathe I cannot live
outside some house of weird

those walls seem much bigger
than most everything you've offered me
I cannot see I cannot believe how easily we're quarantined
you refuse to groove to any other's beat
whatever world your talk is fucking cheap
seeing only through your eyes
the only basis for what you think
you think you've got it all figured out
but baby you can't see through me

so here I am asking why what if I gave your world my mind
what would you have me do
what would you make me choose
other than what fucking benefits you
so here I am asking why
what if I raised above your bottom lines
what if I made the moves to truly choose
as I tie off your noose

everything that you've done is corrupt and wrong
I'll carve my place amongst the gold that you have deemed scum
with our heads to their loaded guns
just look them dead in the eyes
won't soon forget this face when I'm fucking gone

caught in the cycle
caught in the trap
for those fortunate enough to be lost
it's time to write your own map