Torn Apart

by Accident Prone

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'Torn Apart' is a compilation album of material from our first 3 physical releases; the Idle Screams 7", the Conquering Rome split 7", and the New Maps Demo cassette.

"Idle Screams" music video:


released May 12, 2014

Recording credits:

James Detterman: Guitar (all) / Drums (1-6)
Dave Kitawa: Guitar (1-6) / Vocals (4-8)
Mark Gilchrist: Bass (all)
Guido Valencia: Vocals (1-4)
David Shaddows: Drums (7-8)
James Brown: Guitar (7-8)

Tracks 1-4 & 7-8 recorded, mixed, & mastered by Tim Gault
Tracks 5-6 recorded and mixed by Vince Burke. Vocal recording and mastering by Tony Frates.

Instrumentals on tracks 7-8 recorded as a live session.



all rights reserved


Accident Prone Norfolk, Virginia

Accident Prone is:

James D : Guitar
David : Vocals
James B : Bass
Chris : Drums

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Track Name: Idle Screams
Is this what we've been waiting for?
Life of opportunity full of open doors
In a world most us can't even afford
I don't know about you but I'll be making a run for
That open door
To later on find myself putting shit on a shelf
Right back where I fucking started

Someone help me please
I've got a toxic disease and I can't find my keys
I never meant to displease
So before you dispose of me, hear out my plea

Pardon me, but I thought you would be something more
Than a man who looks down on us
I couldn't help but notice you've taken my life
Was it really my time?

I served no purpose, and this here is the proof
I spent my whole life working, and now I'm supposed to bow to you?
I could've had a future, I was thinking of a plan
But now thanks to you all of that is damned
This can't be the end I can still make a change
There's gotta be some kind of deal we can arrange
You can have all my money, you can take my wife
All I want to have back is to have my life

You're really telling me you can't do this one simple thing?
And you expect me to forever call you king?
I don't think so. What have you done for me?
And yet here I am, down on my knees.
I'll never win
Track Name: Isolation
You're all being misled
And this shits getting to my head
No one should have to deal with something so severe
Every day for the rest of their lives
You can change, freedom's in sight
All you gotta do is fight

You've got a voice and it will be heard
And you won't be alone, you'll make yourself known
They're the ones that will be overthrown
Just use your mind. You're running out of time

The streets are crying
You've all been living a lie
Is it worth dying?
All you've gotta do is try to make a stand
This is your land
You can make a choice
You've got a voice

Time to start the infiltration
There will be no salvation

Give them hell
After all they've put you through
You know damn well
What you've got to do

Take what's yours
This is a war
You'll no longer be ignored

They will fucking pay the price
Nothing they've done is right
Take a look around
You will take them down

Freedom is in site
You've just gotta fucking fight
Track Name: Torn Apart
Someone's got to send you on your way
Or things are never going to change
You are most people's only complaint
But they have no voice so long as you reign
I really wish you could see
This isn't how this was all meant to be
Is this something you need?
Then put an end to your bullshit
Accept defeat

You haven't got much time
Unless everyone here is out of their mind
You'll be left behind
Cause these here are the signs of the times
I truly can't believe that this has come so far
Do you think that you've been doing the right thing?
Well you've torn us apart
Track Name: Put Together [堅]
Put together piece by piece
Practice nothing but what you preach
Keep that shit away
Track Name: Piece by Piece [穴]
Seeing through my eye's fresh slate nothing seems what I want to see
I just need an ear something sincere
Or am I gonna find it somewhere far from here
What else should I ask for
What else should I convince myself is worth fighting for
I just don't know, all I know is that I'm past the point of letting go
Let go, I can't let go
'cause I took the ill pill now this is just a test of my true will
What you know about ill will
I'm not the one who kills, 'cause human life is such a thrill
So make the most and mean what you do
What should I do, just find those eyes
What should I see, you gotta see through
You gotta see through you
Youthful wisdom and nothing more
So take it or leave it at the worlds front door
'cause the path I've chose ain't the most secure
But what if I was to come and tell you
I have tasted the cure
Sift through the beauty only eyes can see
Oh what I'd do to have you here with me
I hope that you believe in an ever after
'cause you know this world keeps burning down faster and faster